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its a family affair

My niece asked to be my “friend” on facebook. I agreed, even though I haven’t spoken to her father (my older brother) for quite some time. Since the day that I have agreed, I have gotten requests from people in her life for friendship. I have no intention of allowing these people access to my life, but it seems odd that any of these people would think that despite knowing that I have no interest in them as human beings, they believe that Facebook erases my memory.

My older brother’s wife and her mom have sent me friend requests despite the fact that I have never been shy about telling them how I feel about them. Perhaps saying, “go die if a fire!” is not strong enough?

3 thoughts on “its a family affair”

  1. I don’t understand the Facebook whores. I only add people that I know and that I have some interest in remaining in contact with. Other people add everyone they’ve ever met along with ever person on their friend’s friend list. To me, the number of friends I have is not a contest. I guess to some it helps boost their self esteem.

  2. Wait, Facebook doesn’t erase memories? I could have sworn…

    But, yea, for many it doesn’t seem to matter how well you once knew each other, how much you once hated each other, or really anything… some people friend anyone and everyone that has in anyway ever been connected to them. Personally, I just can’t seem to get enthusiastic enough about Facebook to care.

  3. Dawn? Don’t I know you from someplace? Oh, wait – we’re not facebook friends 🙂

    I agree about facebook. The only people I’ve connected with on there are the ones I already have a relationship in real life. Or want one. Wait – what does that make me? Just saying…

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