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diver down

Living in a third world region (yes, i consider hawaii the third world), I am often disconnected from the internet at random times. Wind blowing forcefully? Internet and power go off line. Earthquake on another island? Internet and power go offline. Gerbils go on strike in Sumatra? Internet and power go offline. You get the picture. Nothing is as reliable as random outtages on Maui.

Sometimes though, I can’t be sure if the problem is with me or with the rest of the internet. To check whether my most used websites are down or if it is me.

For google related stuff, like gmail or blogger… Use this.

For everything else, use this.

3 thoughts on “diver down”

  1. There are no stupid questions… just stupid people asking them. Kidding.

    If I can’t get to ANY websites, my connection is down. If I can’t get to specific websites, while others remain available, there is another problem.

    Sometimes it is the site itself, but other times it is a problem with gateways being blocked which then causes a time out error. Other times, your firewall blocks certain websites because their security certificate is out of date. Those links work best when it isn’t a general connection down problem.

    Or, you can be like me and have a blackberry that has web access and you can check.

  2. OK, wait. First of all, I’m in IT. EVERYBODY knows it’s HAMSTERS on the little wheel. Sheesh.

    Are you complaining about living on Maui? I think I need to blog about THAT.

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