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fish on

When I was 14 up until I turned 18 I went fishing a lot. After I turned 18 my opportunities to fish tapered off, but I still managed a few days of dipping a hook in the water here and there. The last half dozen years I may have gone fishing once or twice per year though.

Just yesterday I finally got back in touch with my fishing buddy and one of my best friends growing up. I hadn’t talked to him since about 1994 when I moved from San Diego and it was great hearing his voice and catching up. While I have gone on to accomplish a great many things, he has done exactly what he said he would do… he became an internationally known professional fisherman. He even had a billboard with his likeness on it for Cabella’s outfitters.

I gotta get back to fishing more often even if it is just so I don’t embarrass myself the next time he takes me fishing.

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