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blue and gold

I love football, but I hate being a charger fan. It is quite possibly the worst type of relationship a grown adult can get into. You could make a case for any number of relationships being worse, but truly, the unrequited love affair that is a charger fan for the last 50 years maybe be the worst in my opinion.

Tonight was the season opener… against the biggest Charger nemesis professional sports has ever known, the Oakland Raiders. The Chargers have beaten them 12 consecutive times, or twice yearly for the last six years. Tonight was no different, but the Chargers took their sweet ass time putting them away. In fact, the game was not decided until the last 18 seconds of the game. Fuckers.

This could be the year the Chargers win it all. Or it could be like the previous 50 seasons… another “oh so close!” moment in the making. Fuckers.

2 thoughts on “blue and gold”

  1. I feel your pain, man. I’m a life-long cubs fan, and I’ve heard, “We’ll get them next year” my entire life.

    However, the Chargers really are looking good this year, and while I hate to wish well for anyone besides my beloved Steelers, I think the Chargers have a good shot at going all the way.

    But of course I’ll still be cheering for my black and gold. I only have so much benevolence.

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