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i, robot… you, still a loser

I was reading this article about the future of humanity. I got to thinking that immortality, or at least the flavor we’re most likely to see in the near future, is probably not a good idea. Until we can eliminate some of the common ills of being human, we probably should put the brakes on putting the brakes on death. See, the world is still too full of assholes to really push forward with any type of immortality, either through improved medicine or robotics. Can you imagine a world in which there are immortal fanatical Muslims or Christians? Fuck me that would suck harder than a Hoover vacuum with a 8 cylinder engine.

2 thoughts on “i, robot… you, still a loser”

  1. OH, goodness. I was hoping for immortality on earth with theoption of selecting your friends and making sure the others don’t get the good stuff. Selective destruction sounds interesting indeed…

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