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boo to the yah

I don’t get excited easily when it comes to my home town sports teams. I mean, sure, the chargers are a perennial playoff team, the padres have made consistent pushes deep into october a handful of times in the last 25 years, but I don’t really get too worked up because I know that San Diego teams tend to fold like card tables in a wind storm eventually.

Last year the Chargers pooped on live TV against the Jets. At home. After a bye. During the playoffs.

Last year the padres lost over 100 games.

This year the padres are in first place, 19 games over .500 for the first time since 1998, but it is only July. I’ll check the standings again in September.

The Chargers this year? They’re starting out in a hole. Arguably two of the most important offensive players are sitting out at least 10 games each in a contract dispute. Their number 1 draft pick is still unsigned 3 days before the start of camp, and their star linebacker is considering an extended vacation well into training camp.

Yeah… I don’t get too excited about sports, especially when being a San Diego sports fans means learning to look forward to next year.

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