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Housing 101

charleyyoungbeach2.jpg This is Charley Young Beach in Kihei. This particular beach is one of my favorite beaches on the entire island of Maui. Mostly because that it is relatively secluded and few tourists frequent its pristine shoreline. Also, it doesn’t have the sewage problems that many of the beaches on the southside of the island have.

I like it because it has a decent shorebreak that I can skimboard and it is about two blocks east of Cove Park which is where many people (local and tourist alike) learn to surf. This is facet is important because it means that locals won’t kick the shit out of a non-local who surfs this break. charleyyoungbeach2.jpg There are a number of reasons not to surf in Hawaii. Sewage, locals only attitude and treacherous reefs are probably the easiest to acknowledge. The other is the time suck factor. When I lived in San Diego I tended to put surfing above a lot of other activities like school, work and day-to-day responsibilities like eating, bathing, acknowledging other humans.

There are two other condos I need to check out this week. One is about 50 feet from the entrance to Charley Young Beach and the other is further up the road toward Wailea where all the resorts are. Another good reason to live here is the proximity to these resorts. The Red Queen should be able to find a spa to ply her trade and if writing the next great American Novel doesn’t work out for me, I could get a job working at one of the resorts as a camp counselor… Yeah, I know what you’re thinking… “E? A camp couselor? Working with kids?”

Well, it would surprise me too.

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  1. Nothing like raw sewage to spoil the surf. This reminds me of my first trip to the Florida Keys. I was excited about the beaches and destroyed when the stench of fecal matter swept up from the ocean and through the open window of our rental car. Beaches were closed – and not a single hotel we contacted had told us of this minor little detail.

  2. why in all this time has no one mentioned raw sewage to me in talking about hawaii?

    now that my boy has a job we will be going at the end of the summer to maui i think. i’ll need the insider info from you on good non sewagey beaches please…

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