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The One About Commenting At Your Own Risk

If you don’t keep up with my comments in the HOWLER MONKEYS section to the right, you’re missing out on some really fun stuff. For instance, after my post about ClearPlay, the comments became the platform for an interesting discussion on religion, morals, children, child rearing, and censorship. I think my rebuttal to the latest comment bears a more prominent venue, so… here it is: (Original comment in italics; my comments follow each point)

I have tried to use sound reasoning to defend my position on the use of ClearPlay in filtering out objectionable content from my library of DVDs.

So far, I don’t believe that what I’ve read would qualify as “sound reasoning.” Most of it is just marketing copy lifted from ClearPlay.

The only things I get from you are sarcasm and personal attacks.

That might because I’m really sarcastic and have little patience for ignorance. I can only guess that you failed to read anything else contained here on my blog before you posted… at the minimum I’d expect first time visitors to check out my “about” section which is one big sarcastic fuckeroo. Failing that, you get what you pay for, no?

But that’s okay; I’ve heard far worse from other people who use more “colorful” language.

Damn, yet another person who finds me average at best.

If I have “puritan views”, as you say, what’s that to you?

It means nothing to me. I was merely making an observation arrived at by the content of your comments. Be as puritanical as your little heart desires, it means fuckall to me.

What I do in the privacy of my home is nobody’s business but my own.

Well, I think God might have a word or two to say on that topic, but whatever. Although, I think some of the things you might be doing are making baby jesus cry.

If you object to what ClearPlay is used for, you don’t have to purchase it.

Well, it should be obvious from my original post that I wouldn’t purchase it, no?

You are free to enjoy your DVDs the way you see fit.

You mean the way the filmmaker, writer, actors, producers and production company intended it?

I will not condemn you for your choice of entertainment, so why would you want to condemn me for the one I make?

I’m not condemning you. I’m making fun of you. There’s a big difference.

I assure you that just because I prefer to watch my movies a certain way does not mean I look at the world through blinders. I can clearly see many of the harsh realities of life, and I do my best to keep clear of them. And because of my diligence, I am able to avoid the heartaches that so many people suffer who are careless about the way they choose to live their lives.

I’ve made some mistakes, but I’d hardly consider the results of those mistakes heartache. I would consider them learning experiences. Few people learn from success as the saying goes.

I do not wish to get into a sparring match with you.

Ooops, too late.

I just wanted to share an opposing viewpoint with you. You are free to keep the one you have.

I value opposing viewpoints, especially when the opposing viewpoint is coupled with a sense of humor. If you can’t laugh at yourself, chances are the joke is usually on you. Come back anytime!

9 thoughts on “The One About Commenting At Your Own Risk”

  1. Personally I’m waiting for ClearPlay for Mozilla so all of the boring and lame web content can be filtered out for me.

    Wait a minute. That’d filter out 98% of my blog posts.

  2. So, you thought enough of me to write an article about me on the “dangerous” World Wide Web. How sweet. I must confess, though, that you are not the first person to honor me in such a way. Patrick of “Patrick’s Place” beat you to it. Sorry.

    I regret that I will not be able to re-read your article because I cannot use ClearPlay to filter out your potty language. Rats!

    If you promise to clean up your act, maybe we can resume our discussion some day in person on the 234th bend in the road on the way to the Seven Pools of Hana.

    Until then, aloha.

  3. Wrote an article about you? Um… no. I put my response to your inananity on my blog. It makes for interesting reading, but I wouldn’t consider you special for it. I’ve written more about bowel movements than I’ve written about you, but if it makes you feel special, by all means continue.

  4. Yeah, you wrote that article about me, whether you admit it or not. But if you write more about certain bodily functions, maybe you have too much time on your hands. Try hula dancing or picking pineapples.

  5. Carl, carl, carl… I thought you said you weren’t coming back to visit until I cleaned up my potty mouth. It is hard to write an article about someone who is as relatively anonymous as you are. I don’t know you from a hole in the ground (the major difference is that a hole in the ground is an open recepticle while your head is not). All I know is that you’ve posted a few comments about ClearPlay on my site (and one or two others according to google) and you have no idea what an article is. If you want you can imagine that since I posted about a comment you made, that by extension, I’m flattering you with an article. I don’t mind since you’re quite obviously smitten by my writing even when you mistake a weblog post for an article. An article is something you might find on a news site, say… the or… or for that matter, what you might find me submitting to my publisher to earn a paycheck. What you have been so diligently reading are journal entries… what I wrote about your comment is no more an article than what you wrote in my comments is an article. Be that as it may be, I don’t mind your input… it gives me something to post about.

  6. I can’t believe how fast you responded to my last entry. If I were in Maui, I would be soaking up some sun and surf at Kaanapoli Beach. Do they still have that little train in Lahina? I’m sorry but I could not resist making one more comment. You are right when you said that I am relatively anonymous. However, you will notice that I do use my full name. As for the word “article”, I am well aware what a real article. I was using the term loosely. So please don’t bite my head off again. After all, I only got one.

    Have a good day.

  7. Carl! you’re back! so soon too! You know, I can’t miss you if you never leave. I’m a working writer which means that I work during the day. As I write, I sit on my balcony or in my office writing, and rarely venture out during the week unless I have visitors (which lately seems to be quite often). So, when you post a comment, if I’m between dangling participles, I can respond rather quickly. You know, I can offend you with a variety of different posts, don’t just limit yourself to these few on ClearPlay.

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