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The One About A Million Dollars

Let’s live for a moment in the world of fantasy and say I won a huge jackpot… $300 million or so. Know what I would do with the money left over after paying taxes, bills and whatnot?

Glad you asked… here’s what I’d do.

I’d go on a life mission to grant people’s wishes. I’m not talking about just having people submit them to me like I’m Mr. Moneybags, that would be too easy.

What I would do is strap on a backpack and walk around, meeting people, finding out if they’re worthy of having a wish fulfilled. I believe some people should be rewarded for their spirit, generosity and good will and this is as good a way as any of meeting these people.

One of the reasons I dislike the holidays is because people exhibit these traits solely because of the season. I’ve often asked, “Why can’t they be like this year round?” In fact, there are people like that and those are the ones who should be rewarded. Don’tcha think?

3 thoughts on “The One About A Million Dollars”

  1. The one about people caring: shut up.

    Editor Note: What the fuck is this all about? I love a non sequitur as much as the next guy, but I’m still trying to figure out if this is comment spam since it is so random.

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