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The One About Rap Music & Violence

I don’t usually comment on blogs I find on blogexplosion, but I couldn’t help myself. I posted this on a blog I found.

I’m not a fan of rap music… I think most of it is crap from a musical perspective. As social commentary, it doesn’t do much either… but then again, neither does country. And country music popularizes a variety of social ills that are no worse nor better than what you might see in a rap video. The only difference is that there’s a redneck is throwing down the rhymes instead of an OG.

As far as desensitizing and mongering hate is concerned, what about our own government? Anyone can turn on the TV and see pictures of US forces at work in afghanistan and iraq. I know that many people, especially the overly puritanical who find fault with popular music, seem to turn a blind eye toward the hate that is being mongered through the images of our servicemen and women fighting a war against a country that is arguably NOT part of the war on terror. To point out that popular music is causing hate and violence while our country is killing guilty and innocent alike is akin to pointing out a hangnail on a foot that has been severed at the knee.

No, music doesn’t breed hate nor violence… I think we as humans do that well enough through our normal everyday actions. I can understand your passion over an issue you feel is important… the only thing is, passion without understanding is a dangerous thing.

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