Inherently Different

Choke On This Denver

I think this is the punishment for all the smack talk I’ve heard from Bronco fans all season…

Once a Generation…

Looking at a video this morning posted by the red queen on her facebook account, a thought struck me. Every generation has their Elvis. Starting out as a dashing figure in music, making some odd food choices, then slowly ballooning in weight until they’re found dead on the toilet. Morrissey may very well be mine… … Read more


Part of me wants the Broncos to win today. The part that believes the AFC West was the toughest division in football this year … mostly because it vindicates the Chargers for losing to them in the divisional round. Another part of me, the part that personally knows a number of broncos fans who rival … Read more

Losing Poorly

Its actually funny reading some of the comments and even the media coverage of the game. You would think the Bengals were the only team on the field and they lost not because they met a team that had the talent and game plan to win, but lost the game on their own. The bengals … Read more

One & Done

I don’t usually rub it in people’s faces… but this goes out to the frankie ass chiefs fans (cough cough Amy B) who believed the hype… ONE and DONE…

Enemy Mine

I’ve never had an enemy. There have been people I didn’t get along with, but never someone with whom i shared a mutual dislike. You know, the kind of relationship where you are constantly trying to sabotage or undermine the other person. A relationship where the misery of the other person brings you happiness. I … Read more

Football in January

I really don’t know why I do it… read the forums on ESPN I mean. While I don’t expect a typical football fan to let rationale be their guide, I would like to believe that fantasy takes a back seat to reality… A typical Bengal fan’s post in the ESPN Charger/Bengal playoff matchup forum: Philip … Read more

an angry man

When I moved up to the bay area in 1994, I really had no concept of what commuting meant. I lived in Los Gatos, California at the time and worked in Newark, CA, which is a distance of 25 miles or so. It is a drive that should take about 30 minutes or so, give or take. … Read more

This is the End

I’m going to stop logging in to my facebook account on January 1, 2014. It is a major time suck and actually prevents me from writing in my blog. While I cherish the friends and family I can connect with via Facebook, I hate the amount of time I invest in reading and writing there. … Read more

the zombie apocalypse and you

My friends all know me and the fascination I have with zombies. They have all laughed uproariously when I relate my plans for the zombie apocalypse, mostly because I explain that my main weapon will be a carpenter’s hammer. Aside from being useful in dispatching zombies, it will also be quite useful in hobbling my … Read more